An Email Thread From Actual CEO Fraud Attack

Your boss just needs a quick favor — a simple funds transfer. But it’s actually CEO fraud, which is a targeted, one-on-one operation conducted individually by con artists targeting specific companies (and specific individuals at those companies). We explain.

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Top 10 Reasons To Replace Your IT Provider

10 They will over Complicate Your Network.  Modern IT is very complex with layers of regulation and security; however, many less mature providers can make this problem worse by poor network design, too many layers of unnecessary software solutions and low utilization...

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Is Hacking a Real Threat to My Business?

Taking a cue from the real world of celebrity, the manual for dealing with embarrassing social media posts is: Post nude selfies Claim you’ve been hacked Repeat As we all know, the vast majority of these turn out to be not hack attempts, but acts of stupidity and...

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