Mail Security as a Service

The security of your business network is crucial, and it’s under constant threat from viruses, malware and phishing attacks. Spam emails are the easiest way to transmit a virus, and just one click can compromise your security and operations. Computer Options Mail Security is the ultimate solution: securely scanning all inbound and outbound mail to catch threats before they even reach your network. Suspicious emails are quarantined in the cloud so they can be safely reviewed and destroyed, keeping your inbox and your business safe.


  • Inbound & outbound security –Protecting your system from incoming threats is only half the battle. If your machine is infected, Computer Options Mail Security prevents it from spreading throughout your network.
  • Real-time scanning – Emails are scanned instantly, so there’s no delay in delivery.
  • Flexible rule creation – Customize your mail security with your own whitelisting and blacklisting rules, or let our experts handle it.
  • Cloud email quarantine – Any suspicious email is held securely in the cloud so it doesn’t compromise your network.
  • Quarantine digests – Get reports on emails in quarantine, preview them safely, and decide whether to release or destroy.
  • Inbound & outbound security – Protecting your system from spam emails is only half the battle. If your machine is infected, Computer Options Mail Security prevents it from spreading to your contacts.
  • Suspicious attachments – Some spam emails contain viruses, or other harmful attachments. Any suspicious or oversize attachments need special permissions to release.
  • Client portal – An online portal allows full control of spam settings for your organization.
  • Full Stack Email Security –Utilizing our cyber threat intelligence, our Full Stack Email Security uses a variety of tactics and algorithms to prevent and protect your customers from ransomware, viruses, CEO fraud, and more. Click Here to Read More
  • Threat Intelligence Feeds –Using a combination of the only real-time (24 Hour) NRDL in the world, AS rankings, and passive DNS, our feeds are one of a kind. We identify the motivations, goals, techniques, and targets of cyber criminals, allowing your company to supply proactive protection against cyber criminals. Click Here to Read More
  • Email Continuity –Don’t let communications go down just because your server did. Our continuity will keep emails flowing using our web portal, and make sure all your customer’s emails are waiting for them when the server comes back.
  • Email Archiving –Get complete control over your previous email, whether it be for customer service, legal, or another need. Our archiving reduces the cost of producing emails and gives your customers a disaster recovery option available anywhere, at any time.
  • SaaS Encryption Suite – Stop hackers and snoopers from intercepting and reading confidential emails, we offer different encryption options, giving companies the opportunity to choose the best choice for their communications needs. Click Here to Read More
  • Office 365 Email Signatures –One simple interface offers complete control over a company’s email branding and signatures, helping to easily brand your business while increasing banner click-through rates (CTRs).

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